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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Where Does the Time Go?

So many thinigs I need to do.

I need to my taxes ON TIME this year. (I had to get an extension last year.) I would love to be extra responsible and get them done early this year, early enought to get a prompt refund, if we're due one, rather than file close to the deadline with millions of other Americans and have to wait longer for the money I'm due, (assuming I get a refund, which I don't know yet).

Part of my time is taking up dealing with annoying things such as a bank that called my home number looking for someone with the same last name as mine but a different first name. That took several calls to straighten out. It seems they had incorrect information on someone who owed them money.

Banks can really, really piss me off. I might blog more about this mistaken bank call later, as long as the memory of it doesn't set me off too much.
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