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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Sibling Rivalry Smackdown

My last entry, about my wife's "emotional" adolescence, made me think about more stories involving her childhood relationship with her brother.

Mary truly loves her brother and always has, and her relationship with him seems pretty typical. It' fascinating to me, though, because I was an only child and never had the experience of things such as sitting in the back of a car with a sibling on a long trip and having to draw that imaginary line down the seat--the one that must defended like a border between two hostile countries.

So, here's the situation: Mary was the oldest child, and her brother was three years younger. As the only child for three years, Mary relished her family's attention, then had to reluctantly share it. Childhood incidents arose such as:

  1. Hitting her brother on the head with a vacuum cleaner hose.
  2. Using his toy dump trucks as roller skates.
  3. Chasing him with a kitchen knife.

Oh, Mary just read the last entry about the "Kung Fu Shoe." Her comment? "My brother probably deserved it."

I still find all this endlessly entertaining.

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