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Friday, January 28, 2005

Barbie Is a Lesbian, and She Lives With a Black Tranny

I visited my 3-year-old niece recently, and she she showed me her Barbie dolls. Her mother explained to me that the tot called her black Barbie "Mr. Brown."

I know nothing about kids, but I'm imaginining it's best not to question these things. If she wants the doll to be Mr. Brown, then Mr. Brown it is. But I still had to wonder, why "Mr.?" Maybe it's because Mr. Brown and Barbie live together in a house, and my niece thinks all such couples are straight. At any rate, I suppose one has to be the "bitch" and the other the "butch."

All this leads me to wonder...what if white G.I. Joe and black G.I. Joe lived together? Would one have to be "Ms. G.I. Joe?" If so, would the "kung-fu grip" be used for a different purpose?

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