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Sunday, July 18, 2004

It's Called "Technology"
Earlier today I pulled up to a gas pump to fill my car. A woman two pumps away said, "Sir, they're closed. There's no one inside."
I held up my credit card, smiled, and put it in the card reader in the pump.
"Sire, they're closed," the woman said again, this time more urgently.
I smiled again, pulled my card out of the pump, and said, "But if you pay at the pump, they don't need to be open."
"I don't know about that. They're closed," the woman said.
I was pumping the first of eight gallons in my car as she drove past me, no doubt thinking I was a moron standing there waiting for a nonexistent human inside the store to turn on the pump.
I left with a full tank and a receipt.

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