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Saturday, May 29, 2004

Cincinnati Asks Cops Show to Leave

The Cincinnati police department invited Cops to ride along with its police officers and tape what happens for potential broadcast. Then, city council became "concerned" about how the city would be portrayed.


Cops is pro-prolice, pro-city, pro-law-and-order. Why would any city have a problem with the show?

Each segment follows a predictable pattern. A police officer explains why he/she went into police work. Then, they get a call to investigate something. They go to the scene and investigate something involving a drunk/burglar/drug dealer/violent person/crazy person, arrest someone or explain what needs to be done to avoid arrest. Then they get back in their police car, and there's another segment.

Again, how could any city have a problem with that?

I've lived in the Cincinnati area for eight years, and sometimes the city really puzzles me.

(Below from The Cincinnati Enquirer:)

The show has never before been asked to leave a city, Langely said. Some Cincinnati council members hope the suburban interest will keep the show in the area long enough for them to rescind the rescinded offer. Councilman Sam Malone plans to put a resolution on Wednesday's meeting agenda to invite film crews back into the city.

Councilman David Pepper was working to see if a majority of council would support such a move. He said the city looks "sillier'' now than if it had just let filming continue.

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