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Thursday, April 01, 2004

I Stole This from the Anglophile

Would you rather:
1. Find out your best friend is selling secrets to terrorists OR find out they download child pornography?
I'd rather know if they were selling porn to terrorists.

2. Pluck out all your nose hairs with tweezers OR shave (face or legs) with an old, rusty blade?
Both. Pain nourishes me.

3. The official language of the united nations become klingon OR esperanto?
The U.N. should talk like Snoopp Dogg. It would be the "Fo' U 'n' Nizzle."

4. Have a very "energetic" orgasm every time you sneeze OR fart loudly every time you have an orgasm?
If I made a fart noise with my armpit, would that be like masturbating?

Does this blog make me look fat?
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