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Sunday, February 08, 2004

Refrigerator Food Must Go

I'm not sure how long the food in the refrigerator was in the "danger zone" before I moved it outside, where in theory it should be just fine. The outdoor temperature hovers around freezing.

But I've recently experienced some "digestive" problems that make me want to play it safe and toss all that food.

Damn, I had some nice steaks in there, too.

I guess there's some kind of life lesson in this: don't save the good food too long, or you might not get to enjoy it all.

Drink Your Wine

This reminds me of a similar situation involving wine. My wife and I made some trips to Europe in the 1990s and managed to assemble a nice little (emphasis on "little") collection of self-imported wine, which I put in racks on a shelf high in our kitchen.

Kids, don't store your wine up high. That's where the heat is. Heat made the wine and ullage air to expand and leak around the corks. Then in colder months, it contracted, drawing in outside air and contaminants.

Suffice it to say about half our wine had turned to vinegar.

So, if you can't store it right, drink your wine before it spoils.

Also, we had two bottles of port blessed at our wedding, and we have a sip each anniversary. Port won't spoil; its alcohol content is too high. But the port, usually a ruby red, in one of the bottles has turned pale pink.

Anyone know why? Please tell me so I don't wreck the other bottle.
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