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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

My Mother-in-Law v. My Neighbor's Car

My mother-in-law came up for a one-day visit to do some shopping with my wife. Of course, this involves driving to the mall, and comedy ensues:

Wacky Inlaw Incident No. 1

As she was backing her car out of our driveway, my m-in-l hit a neighbor's car parked on the street. No damage to m-in-l's Panzerfunwagen Mercedes, but the neighbor's car now has a cracked bumper.

The neighbor wasn't home (which is probably best for all involved), so my m-in-l had to leave a note on the car with contact information. Whose contact information? Well, she originally wanted to put down our phone number.


Neither my wife nor I were driving. And our insurance company isn't the one to pay any damages.

My wife wisely refused to allow her mother to put down our number.

Early the next morning I saw a police car parked across the street and a cop on the sidewalk. It seems the police officially labeled the accident as a hit and run.

Thankfully, I'm not involved in any of this, so I'm just a bystander. "I don't know nuthin' about nuthin'."

But there's more to the story.

Wacky Inlaw Incident No. 2

My m-in-l and wife proceed to the mall, where they select $600 in clothes for my father-in-law. After ringing up the purchase, my m-in-l discovers she's failed to bring with her any form of payment. No credit cards, no personal checks, no cash machine card. She did, however, have $400 in cash earlier in the day, which she'd already spent.

Side note: Who carries $400 in cash besides drug dealers?

So, they had to leave the merchandise at the checkout.

Wacky Inlaw Incident No. 3

It then occurred to my m-in-law that she could apply for a store credit card. She filled out the paperwork, and they gave her the card.

She went to buy even more stuff, but went over the limit allowed for the first-day's use of a store card, so she had to borrow some money from my wife to complete the sale.


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