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Monday, July 07, 2003

The Smartass Urge

Years of working in the advertising/PR/"creative-people" business has turned me into a nearly incurable smartass. I mean, you try going a full workday in that environment, and you'll find yourself making frequent ironic comments about topics such as "rich, Corinthian leather," "chocolatey goodness," and "prices so low, we must be INSANE!" too.

I'll need to work on controlling that urge in the future.

Here's but one reason why. A few days ago I went to a law school welcome event and speech. Before the speech, people found places to sit and introduced themselves to their table mates.

One woman extended a hand to me and said, "Hi. I'm Jennifer, but people call me 'Jenny.'"

I smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Jeff, but people call me 'Bastard.'"

I went on to explain that I was going to law school because it was "a condition of my parole." The cops find one lousy torso in the trunk of your car, and they're all over you as if it were something serious . Anyway, I copped a "conspiracy to commit" plea, served two years and here I am...

The "Jenny" woman looked horrified, but the rest of my table mates got a kick out of it.

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