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Thursday, July 03, 2003

Bad Hair Day

A few days ago I got the bright idea that I'd try cutting my own hair.

Why? Well, it was time to get it cut, and the place where I usually go requires scheduling an appointment several days in advance. And even when I do show up at the right time, they generally wind up taking me 10 minutes late.

My plan was this: I'd cut it myself, and if I botched it, I could always confess my crime to the hair place and have them fix it. If my plan worked, I'd have a haircut any time I wanted them.

So I went to Wal-Mart and got a set of electric clippers--you know, like Army barbers have in the movies and use to transform new, shaggy recruits into nearly bald soldiers.

I didn't use the "bald" setting. I just cut of a tad overall. Really--they have attachments to control the length.

Except over my left ear, and where I accidentally created the "white sidewall tire look."

I didn't mention my haircutting plan to my wife, for fear she'd label it "controversial" and attempt to stop me.

I sported my new 'do for a good six hours before my wife mentioned, "Did you get a haircut?" And I told her what I'd been up to.

She wasn't happy about the nearly bald spot, but hey, my hair grows fast, so it almost looks normal now.

Overall, I'm not bad at self-administered haircuts. I might try it again in a few weeks.
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