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Monday, July 21, 2003

Back to School

I attended my first law class today. Actually, it's an optional two-week end-of-summer course. Law school proper begins in early August.

I finished undergraduate school 13 years ago--long enough for me to be paranoid that I forgot how to be a student. So I'm taking advantage of this optional course.

Today's topic was torts--specifically, assault and battery charges brought in civil court. Criminal court has its own definitions and procedures, but we don't into that until the second year.

One case we examined involves a five-year-old who who jerked a chair away from an adult who, thinking it was still there, tried to sit in it. The adult fell, broke her hip and decided to sue the five-year-old for damages.

This is a real case, and it went to the supreme court of the state of Washington.


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