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Sunday, June 29, 2003

I'm Going to Law School

Yes, they lowered their standards enough to let me in. ;-)

I've thought about graduate school for a while, and gradually developed an interest in law. I'm seeing a lot of parallels with the advertising/pr/marketing agency work I've done the past few years, so I don't see it as a drastic change in career/life direction.

Student loans rates are incredibly low and we won't have to move. (My state has three law schools, and one is about 15 minutes from our house.)

I definitely plan to continue taking on freelance PR/writing assignments, so if you're work-related contact of mine, please don't take me off your list of vendors. Even when I'm in school, I want to keep a hand in the "real world," because that's where I'll be full-time again in three years.

I started the process of getting into law school about a year ago. It involves practising for the Law School Admission Test, which supposedly predicts your ability to perform during the first year of law school, but doesn't ask any law-related questions.

Instead, you get crap like, "Suzie, Jose, Hakeem, Robert and El Bastardo are running in a race. Jose and El Bastardo must never run next to each other but Hakeem and and Robert must always run next to each other and hold hands. At least one person ate bad a burrito before the race, develops diarrhea and must forfeit. Three wear sports bras, and one runs nude. What's the largest number of runners who could have had a sex change while on the East German Olympic Team?" And so on.

After earning a score higher than "imbecile," I proceeded to the next step: applying to schools. Then I had to get a student loan from the American government, which appears to be hard up for money these days.

Amazingly, all this worked out. For now at least. Now I just have to avoid flunking out the first semester.

I've been out of undergraduate school for longer than a decade, so time will tell if I "still have it" to perform in an academic environment.

Wish me luck.

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