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Friday, May 09, 2003

That Pub Smell in Our Garage

One my hobbies is (or was) brewing beer. I'd buy bags of grain, "crack" it with a hand-cranked South American corn grinder, cook the "mash" at 158 degrees F, ferment the liquid and bottle it.

It's great fun, especially when you can say things like, "I'm sparging the lauter tun to get a nice wort runoff."

I haven't done much brewing lately because, like any good hobby, it eventually gets expensive, makes a mess, takes up way too much time and causes you to bore people with the arcane knowledge you develop. Much like this blog entry.

Anyway, I still have a five-gallon stainless steel soda keg about half full of my last beer batch from probably two years ago. (Most recipes are for batches of five gallons. If you're going to that much trouble to make it, you mak a lot.)

Well, after I pulled my car into the garage today and turned it off, I heard a whooshing, spraying noise. What could it be? A fan on the car? Tire losing air?

No. I'd pulled my car too far forward, my front bumper hit a box and the box hit the tap lever on the beer keg.

I'm guessing about a gallon or two were released.

I just don't even want to think about cleaning up the sticky mess.

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