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Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Late-Night Puker

Samson, our long-haired Siamese cat, usually sleeps with us at night. Under the blanket and with his head on a pillow, just like a person.

Last night, probably around 4 a.m. (which I suppose is technically "early this morning"), I was awakened to a hacking sound. Samson was puking--not an unusual occurance. Cats puke; it's just something they do, especially if they have long fur they swallow while bathing themselves.

I put Samson on the floor. I've found that if you catch a cat in between the second and fourth hack, you can move them to a puke-safe location, resume sleeping and deal with the mess in the morning.

I wasn't so quick this time. I awoke to find my head on a pillow whose case was stained with a streak of dried brown mostly digested cat food.

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