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Monday, March 17, 2003

Escher-esque Parking Garage

Earlier today I had a meeting with a client prospect who advised me to park in a certain garage near her building.

I entered the garage and drove around in it following the signs marked, "Parking," which leads you believe you're headed UPWARD in the garage toward MORE levels and MORE parking spaces.

"Wow," I thought. "This place is packed. I'll have to keep driving up more levels until I find a free space."

But I wasn't driving up more levels. I'd been circling in the same path for probably 10 turns. I finally figured this out when (1) I noticed the same blue truck appearing over and over again and (2) I would seem to head up one ramp, but down the next.

I ultimately had to create my own "parking space" in an area marked with crossed yellow stripes. I guess that means I wasn't supposed to park there, but I was getting desperate.

This optical illusion by M.C. Escher seems to have been the inspiration for the parking garage designers:

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