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Saturday, February 22, 2003

Yet More Ass-Chapping Antics

The winter's been unusually bad here in Cincinnati, and the roads are starting to show it. We have A LOT of potholes, and it's tough for the road crews to keep up with filling them.

On Thursday my wife hit a large hole, and by Friday morning, her tire was flat.

My job was to remove the flat tire and put on the spare so we could drive it to a tire store and have it repaired or just buy a new one.

The only problem is my wife's car has one of the wacky anti-theft special lug nuts the requires a "key" to get it off. A regular tire wrench only works for five of the six nuts.

We searched and searched but could find no "key" in her trunk.

Then my wife got it in her head that the guys at the tire place still had it from the last time we bought tires there. (Her car goes through tires faster than a refill of toilet paper at a chili festival.)

Now we're In Search of the "Key." I imagine finding one will involve trips to a dealership and a lot of swearing.

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