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Monday, February 10, 2003


We have yet more snow in Cincinnati. It started last night.

Note that February is a "sweeps" month--one of four during the year when television-watching habits of sample audiences across the country are recorded an analyzed to set advertising rates for the next quarter.

That means you don't get just regular TV news. You get stuff about WHY YOUR TOILET COULD INFECT YOUR ASS WITH FLESH-EATING BACTERIA. Watch the news at 11!

So of course they had to tease the snow report. "It'll snow tonght. But how much? Watch Channel XYZ News at 11 to see if you're children's schools will be closed!"

At the beginning of the news they tease you with snow highlights. Then they tease you again halfway through. Then they finally deliver toward the end, but you feel cheap and used that you were manipulated into staying with them for that long for something that wasn't all that great after all.

Kind like a couple of ex-girlfriends of mine.

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