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Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Mothers and Daughters

What is it about so many mother/daughter relationships that's just so...bizarre?

As a public school teacher, my wife is allowed one unscheduled "personal day" off during the year. (Of course, she gets all the usual holidays and scheduled vacation time.)

Anyway, she decided to spend the day on an activity with her mother. They bumped into one of my wife's former college professors, and my mother-in-law proceeds to tell him about how rough the school is where my wife teaches now. Across the street from a public housing project and all that.

Mary said she the comment made her feel bad. I mean, you'd think her mother would want her daughter to know she's proud of her accomplishments. Or at least try to make the professor feel good about the progress of his former student.

I suggested to Mary that she reveal some unsavory details about her mother's professional life, such as the time a tenant flushed a tampon down the toilet in a room above her law office and flooded the building with sewage. Or that her redneck clients have attempted to bring firearms into court.

Pot black. Kettle black.

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