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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

I Stole Ideas from the BBC

Much like American television stole the concept of Sanford and Son from the BBC, I admit that I too have stolen ideas from Britain. Following is a list of shows that influenced the Chapped Ass blog.

The Orifice: set in a proctology supply company outside London, middle-manger David Brent attempts to implement the "ARSE" (Area Report of Synergy Executions). He constantly complains lack of employee interest makes his ARSE "shitty." However, he lovingly fondles the smooth, elegant ARSE of his colleague Dawn.

Wanker Spankers: is a spinoff of the now-defunct Hand Shandy. "It's worse than Benny Hill," says one reviewer.

Wing Commander Chappy's Flying Ass-Slappers: presents wacky skit antics from the comedy troupe resonsible for full-length movies Wing Commander Chappy and the Holy Ass Boil, The Wipe of Brian and The Spanking of Wife.

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