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Thursday, February 20, 2003

Chappy Chow

I just made some linguine with clam sauce. Deeeelish.

The clams were canned. It's tough to find fresh clams. Occasionally I find fresh mussels, but they seem to be like some exotic drug.

I ask the butcher, "So, what day do you get fresh mussels?" And he says he doesn't know. Just check back often.

When I do find them, I have to get them home fast, or they start opening. When they open, they're on the way to dying.

Speaking of food, we began to run out of dried food for our cats, so we had to feed them canned cat food. It has two important qualities cats love: it closely resembles freshly killed meat, and it smells awful.

One of our cats prefers dried food (which is better for your pet's teeth), so we had to get him a bag tonight.

Another of our cats, having eaten plenty of canned food AND dried food, proceeded to puke.

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