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Thursday, January 16, 2003

Tragic News

I got the news by phone as I was sipping some coffee. A former colleague called. We'd worked together a few years ago and have since moved on to two different jobs apiece but still keep in touch.

The conversation went like this:

Her: It's xxx xxx.
Me: Hello!
Her: Have you heard from anyone today at XYZ company? (We both used to work there.)
Me: No...

There was a long silence. My brain cycled through all the things that could have happened. Then her husband picked up the phone.

Husband: There was an auto accident on the way to a meeting. Xxx was killed. Xxx was injured and was taken to the hospital.

The woman who was killed was a former coworker of mine and of the woman who called me. The guy who was injured is also a friend.

I found out later there were four people from the company in the car, and three were killed. We're all hoping the survivor pulls through.

There's not much else that's known right now; it all happened so fast, and we're struggling to digest the information we do have.

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