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Tuesday, January 07, 2003

I DID NOT Get Ripped off by a 10-Year-Old Girl

Back in November I complained about a girl in our neighborhood who was selling stuff for some kind of school project. (See I Got Ripped off by a 10-Year-Old Girl.)

She was supposed to give me $12 in change the next day and deliver the candle within a week or two.

Well, days and weeks passed, and I got nothing.

Until today. She showed up at my door, apologized, handed me the candle I'd bought and gave me a full refund.

This note was in the box holding the candle:

She acted as if she were concerned I'd be upset, but I wasn't. I was just glad to get the money. And to know I didn't get ripped off by a child.

Kind of warms my chapped heart.
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