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Monday, January 06, 2003

Doing Dirty Things in the Kitchen

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know there are a couple of things that are sure to chap my ass (1) our dishwasher and (2) my inlaws.

One of those is no longer a problem. No, it's not my inlaws.

Our dishwasher died from a massive hemorrhage in its water pump about a month ago. It had a few problems before that, including The Saga of the Smelly Sink. Oddly, I blogged about the Smelly Sink almost exactly a year ago (minus two days).

We bought a new one, and it works much, much better. Well, that's judging by two loads, but it's a bitch to wash everything by had if you actually like to cook. Cooking involves making a mess. It just does; there's no way around it. And washing, rinsing, drying by hand takes a long time and uses a lot of water--more than a machine.

I like kitchen stuff. I like to cook. It's how I relax. Some people golf or go to the gym, but I'd rather get out some kitchen toys and play with them.

Anyway, I'm back in business!

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