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Sunday, January 12, 2003

Crapintosh vs. Windoze

I'm almost feeling guilty about badmouthing my wife's Crapintosh computer a few entries ago.

I'm using my ill Windows machine now. (But for how long until it crashes?) At least Mary's Crapintosh is fairly reliable.

I have this evil need to stir up trouble regarding computer preferences. People seem to favor Windows or Macintosh...and dislike whatever machine they don't use.

I think it's funny. Come on. It's just a computer, and people's preferences tend to be based on what they're used to. If you prefer the easier file management of a Macintosh, you'll wonder what sadistic idiot invented the directory and subdirectory file structure Windows/DOS machines use.

If you use Windows, you'll wonder why anyone would buy a Macintosh, considering some software won't even run on it. (Mac has a smaller market share of business users.)

I actually had to use my (limited) DOS knowledge working to diagnose the sick hard drive on this machine. I can remember The Dark Ages before Windows, when people were constantly telling me, "Oh, there's a program on DOS that can help you."

"Where!?" I'd wonder. "I cant SEE any darned programs."

So you have to know how to use a "dir" command, perhaps with a "w" switch to give you a wide view in columns on your screen.

If all that sounds unfamiliar to you, be glad. That was life before Windows. And even after the early versions of Windows, you'd still have to revert to DOS to do maintenance.

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