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Sunday, January 05, 2003


I had a nice birthday celebration today. We went to an Italian restaurant. The food was good, but it gave me gas.

What doesn't give me gas?


My wife and her mother went shopping a few days ago to catch some after Christmas sales. Of course, this involves looking at shoes.

I know it's a stereotype that women love shoes, but it seems to be a fairly accurate one.

My question is, why do the shoes they love the most have to be so...impractical?

Mary tried on three different kinds. She asked me what I thought of the last pair. I said, "They look nice but painful." They had a high heel and a very flat toe. She said they didn't hurt at all.

After two days of wearing them, she says they hurt. But she loves them.

I can appreciate being stylish, but not in shoes that are good for only about two hours of actual wearing.

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