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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Till Death Do Us Part

Funny how the brain makes connections from one thought to the other. First I'm thinking about messiness, which gets the theme from Sanford and Son going in my head. So I start looking for the theme on the internet. Then I think, hey, wasn't that on in Britain originally? So I look up the name of that show, which was Steptoe and Son.

That made me think about All in the Family, which I discovered was also on first in Britain as Till Death Do Us Part.

Fortunately, we always got Monty Python in its original format. I wonder what it would have been called in an American version...Morton Anaconda's Waterborne Carnival? Jimmy Asp's Hydraulic Swap Meet? Rattlesnake Bill's Railroad Curiosities?

I guess I watched too much television as a kid.

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