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Monday, December 09, 2002

Remove the Cookies, Please

Oh, man. There IS such a thing as too many chocolate chip cookies.

Speaking of excess, I'm a caffeine addict and always have been. My grandmother got me started on coffee when I was about four years old. I MUST have at least one cup in the morning, or I get a splitting headache.

How many of you get migraines....? Come on, admit it. I got one of those throbbing skull-pounders this weekend, and I'm all out of my prescription meds for it. Getting a refill is no easy task, because it's officially a "controlled substance," and my doctor has to approve of all refills.

I read somewhere that migraine sufferers tend to have more "excitable" brains, whatever that means. (Stress, strong smells and bright lights can trigger one for me.) I'll flatter myself by believing that "excitable" means the wheels in my noggin are working really hard. My brain might produce only limericks and fart jokes, but by golly, it's grinding away.
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