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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Meet the Cats

I don't have anything particularly interesting to blog, so I thought I'd give you some background on our cats.

Age: 16? (she was a stray, and she keeps parts of her past quiet)
Fur: Short and gray, with bits of tan
Demeanor: Sweet to humans, bitchy to other cats. Patrols the house and attempts to prevent the other cats from enjoying freedom of passage.
Intelligence: Average to high
Bad habbits: Clawing the carpet and furniture, beating up other cats. Sheds WAY too much.
If a human, his/her job would be: Mafia, crooked politician, unethical kung fu practitioner

Age: 11
Fur: Long (he's a long-haired Siamese)
Demeanor: Shy. Afraid of loud noises and sudden movements. However, his meow sounds like a baby crying--loudly.
Intelligence: High
Bad habbits: Peeing/pooping outside the box, sometimes in the houseplants. Sometimes meows (loudly) at unseen demons.
If human, his/her job would be: college professor, psychiatric patient, premature senility sufferer, adult diaper user

Age: Four years
Fur: Short, orange stripes
Demeanor: Goofy
Intelligence: Let's just say he's not a scholar
Bad habits: Unlike the other two cats, he has trouble communicating with humans. Instead of meowing, he hops around in front of you or rubs his teeth against exposed skin
If human, his/her job would be: lifting heavy things, attending remedial classes

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