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Tuesday, October 15, 2002

Requiem for Basil

I'm the Grim Reaper, and it's time to harvest ALL the basil in the Chapped Ass herb garden.

It's already gotten down to near freezing temperatures at night in Cincinnati, so I had to cover up the garden.

I keep the herb garden in a retired whiskey barrel cut in half. I live on the Kentucky side of Cincinnati, and my region is known for producing bourbon whiskey, which (1) is made mostly from corn and (2) is stored in barrels that have been slightly charred on the inside to give a mellow, smokey/sweet flavor. The barrel smelled so good when I got it, I hated to put dirt in it.

It's supposed to freeze again for the next two nights, and I'm not counting on my luck to keep the basil alive.


I'll make pesto sauce--enough to last a few weeks, then no more until spring.

I also have some rosemary and thyme, both of which can survive cold teperatures better than basil, but they need to be harvested, too.

The chives come back every year. It's truly amazing how hardy that plant is.
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