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Friday, September 06, 2002

The Young Ones
Vyv thinks he's pregnant

From this site. Check it out!

VYVYAN: Ow! Quick, get the stirrups! I'm going to have my baby now!
RICK: Look what your rough-arm tactics have done, fascist!

NEIL: Quick! Dial 999! Get an ambulance!

MIKE: I can't watch this. [Mike leaves the room]

NEIL: Oh, no...

[Instead of giving birth, Vyv lets out a seemingly interminable fart. Neil and Rick almost pass out from the smell]

RICK: Quickly, the keys to the handcuffs, I'm suffocating!
NEIL: Uh, uh...

[he searches his pockets for the keys]

[suddenly, Vyv stops, and Rick and Neil collapse.]

MIKE: [rushing back in] Is it over, then? Congratulations, Vyv.

[he puts a cigar in Vyv's mouth]

Well, what have we got, a boy or a girl?

[Mike is about to light the cigar]

RICK: No, Mike, NO!!!!

[EXTERIOR SHOT of the house exploding. The credits roll and the guy escape the house, their faces covered with soot, and stare despondently at the burning remains of their home -- except for Vyv, who is of course fascinated.]

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