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Sunday, September 08, 2002

Wedding with the Inlaws

My wife and I went to her hometown about two hours away for the wedding of a distant cousin. It was okay as far as family outings go. People tend to be on their best behavior at weddings, so nobody shouted, slammed doors or went away crying.

After the wedding and reception we went to a restaurant owned by Bosnian refugees. My inlaws church paid to have a Bosnian family brought over from war-torn Yugoslavia in the early 1990s.

Of course, they let the Bosnians do whatever they wanted. They could return after the war was over or stay here. (It seems that nobody much trusts the Serbs to not engage in any more "ethnic cleansing.") They ultimately decided to become citizens and opened a restaurant featuring and Central and Eastern European food.

I had schnitzel and Warsteiner beer. I've only had bottled Warsteiner before, and the draft version is much better.

We were sitting near the door. A fly got and landed in my beer. It stuggled for a minute, and I figured it had drowned. When I looked again, it was still struggling, so I poured it out, dried it with the tip of a napkin and watched it stagger around on my empty plate.

He had survived his ordeal, but I think he was drunk.

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