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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Wacky Translation Fun

I recently found this site, which translates languages. Not precisely, but what do you expect from a machine?

For fun, I tried translating a statement in English into another language and then back into English, which should yield something similar to the original statement. Not so.

Original statement:
I'm sorry, Officer, but I seem to have urinated on your police car.

Translated to Spanish, and then back into English:
I'm sorry , Official , but I seem until on the credit side urinate in her bobby coach.

Original statement:
Your baguettes made me fart, and your quiche smells like a barnyard in July.

Translated into French, and then back into English:
Your chopsticks drove me farther , and your quick smell like a low - court at July.

Original Statement:
Please return my wallet, or will scream at a very high pitch.

Translated into Portugues, and them back into English:
Please homecoming my student desk , or disposition bellow well into um a lot high fling.

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