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Thursday, September 19, 2002

Pants Unzipped

You ever walk around with your pants unzipped and not notice it for hours?

I did that yesterday. Nothing was "hanging out." I just happened to look down and noticed my fly was open. I discreetly zipped it.

I know a guy who had a great story about the same thing.

He went clothes shopping with his girlfriend, her mother and her grandmother. He tried on a pair of button-fly jeans, noting to me that you can NEVER get all the buttons to button properly.

That day he wore boxer shorts, which are "loose fitting." Something made its way out the fly of the boxer shorts AND out the incompletely buttoned fly of the jeans he was trying on.

He walked out of the dressing room, accidentally exposing himself to three generations of females.

He said they drove home in silence.

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