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Saturday, September 14, 2002

My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Tonight my wife, one of her friends and I saw the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. It's about a 30-year-old woman from a Greek immigrant family living in Chicago. She loves the family, but they get on her nerves. She meets a guy, falls in love, plans to marry, but (gasp!) he's not Greek.

Family spats ensue. But love prevails, the couple marries and everyone is happy.

Sure, it's about the "traditional Greek family," but let me tell you, it's about weddings in general. My wife is not Greek, but her family is an awful like like the one in the movie. People are loud and opinionated. They mind each other's business. They mean well, but they're ALWAYS AROUND, like a television tuned to a loud carpet barn commercial, and you just can't turn it off.

My family is like the guy's in the movie. There's one scence where the engaged couple sits in the guy's family's house. The young Greek woman takes a sip from her drink and says, "Hmm. Silence." Yep, that's my people. Reserved. Middle-of-the-road. Don't want to disturb anyone.

Funny how one group is always absolutely convinced the other is the one that's different from the norm.

Oh, my favorite character is the elderly grandmother who doesn't speak English. She sleeps with a knife under her pillow because she's afraid of invading Turks.

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