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Monday, September 02, 2002

I'm Wired

I spent several hours outside today cutting the grass, tending to the plants and watering the little trees I'm trying to grow in our front yard. We're short on rain this year in Cincinnati, so I'm having to make sure everything gets plenty of water.

Well, being outside this time of year means I have to take allergy medicine. The kind I use has pretty much the same chemicals they put in sleeping pills. Makes me drowsy. I wound up taking a two-hour nap this afternoon, which means I'll be wired until the wee hours now.

Exercise Club

My wife was recently given a ridiculously low rate through her workplace to join a local exercise club, you know, a place with various equipment for getting into shape. We went there yesterday to meet with a staff representative and get a tour.

The staff person was a very tall, very fit woman who kept trying to identify what activities we might be interested in. My wife wants to "boost her energy," which really means that she wants to burn off stress and anxiety from having to deal with small children all day. (Right now, she has a tendency to come home, start swearing, eat and complain about how she doesn't have the time or energy to get anything done.)

I went along to the exercise club because I didn't have anything else to do.

I made the mistake of mentioning to the staff woman I'd run track in school, and she tried to capitilize on that. She informed me that there were plenty of machines that simulated running, without all the damage to your body that the real thing does.

I was proving to be a hard sale.

I mean, I'm having a hard time understanding why you'd pay good money to go somewhere and sweat, when I can stay at home and sweat and actually get something done, like cleaning out my Garage of Danger and Mystery or even washing my car.

I mentioned I occasinally did pushups or rode the exercise bike we have in our basement. The staff woman commented that would only exercise certain parts of my body.

I guess I'm just not into exercise as a special, separate activity that requires its own wardrobe and driving 20 km (yes, it's that far away) just to get to it.

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