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Thursday, September 05, 2002

Heavy Metal with the Parents

Monday was Labor Day, a public holiday here in the United States. My wife and I drove to my parents' house about an hour and a half south of here to spend the day.

Their neighborhood was having a picnic, which we attended. It was, as cheesy as it sounds, supposed to a fun-for-all-ages kind of affair. What surprised me about that was the choice of music: heavy metal. There was Black Sabbath's "Iron Man," with Ozzy going on about "heavy boots of lead, fills his victims full of dread" and "vengeance from the grave." There was also a good deal of AC/DC.

This would have been a fine choice of music for skateboarding or perhaps indulging in a heroin addiction. (I do actually like both bands a lot, don't get me wrong.) It's just that I'm not sure all the senior citizens and little kids could really appreciate it.

Thankfully, they chose to NOT play Black Sabbath's "Rat Salad" as people spooned pasta salad onto their plates.

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