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Monday, August 26, 2002

That Baby Thing

My wife wants to have a baby. Now. Immediately. If there were some button she could press that could make her already nine months pregnant, should would be pressing it to the point of breaking it.

I'm reluctant. Not because I don't want children, but because we really can't afford them right now.

This logic has no effect on my wife, in large part, I believe, because of how she grew up. Her grandmother lived within walking distance, so childcare was never a problem. That allowed my father-in-law to work full time and my mother-in-law to go to graduate school and later work full time.

Plus, my inlaws inherited family land and a family business. Money was just never a concern.

My family was quite different. My father had to pay for his own university education and graduate school. We lived far from family, meaning my mother had to stay home to take care of me. Occasionally she took seasonal work to get money for Christmas, in which case she had to pay to send me to day care.

Our first house wasn't on Ye Olde Family Farme. It was an old place that required constant upkeep. The pipes had a tendency to freeze and burst in the winter.

Eventually my father paid off his education and managed to pay for mine. My family moved on to a house that wasn't plagued with problems, but by then I was grown up and gone.

My wife's just never had to worry about anything. Money, child care, faulty houses. I'm desperately concerned that if we start having children right now, it'll be more than we're prepared for.

Maybe I'm overly cautious. That's in my nature.

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