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Sunday, August 25, 2002

More to Come

I've had a busy doing doing the most boring, but necessary, things imaginable.

I mowed the lawn. Trimmed some bushes. Tended to the tomato plants, herbs and little maple trees I'm trying to keep from dying in this very hot and dry summer here in Cincinnati.

I just finished mopping the floors while my wife goes into town to buy some supplies for her classroom. (Most school supply stores are actually a lot of fun. Plenty of toys that interest even us adults. They have microscopes, small musical instruments, magnets...I could spend hours there. But I have things here to do.)

My wife attended her niece's christening on Saturday. (I would have gone, but I had a prior obligation that required me to pay a good sum of money, so I really had to go to my event.)

This makes her want us to have a baby. More on that touchy topic later, if I dare.

This weekend we rented the movie Gosford Park. Fantastic movie! Does that England even exist today? I wonder. Maybe it does, in my wife's hometown. I could swear I recognize several of the character types there...

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