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Wednesday, August 21, 2002

In Case of Emergency, Pester Principal

Today wasn't much better for my wife. One of her students pushed the "emergency" button, which sounds an alarm in the principal's office. A false alarm is moderately bad, but it graduates in severity when it occurs while the principal is on the public address system making an announcement. Then the entire school hears the alarm, and people wonder, "What happened? Should we evacuate?"

My wife sent the perpetrator, a five-year-old girl, to the office to explain her actions.

Another girl went on a pinching spree and had to be restrained.

I find this amusing, but my wife is beginning to wonder if she should go back to selling shoes at the mall. She's had an interesting career. She's taught school for three years. Before that she worked as a technician on a locked psychiatric ward of a hospital. She's had a few other interesting jobs, too.

Me? I spent my day trying to get in touch with two clients, both of whom are traveling. Fax this here, e-mail that there. Leave voice messages. Document it all. Amazing how much time that can take.

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