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Monday, August 19, 2002

Frickin' Defraggin'

I attempted to run a hard disk defragmentation utility on my computer over the weekend. The instructions warned the utility may take a long time to run and may make the computer appear to freeze.

Well, 36 hours is an awfully long time for a utility to run with me thinking, "Is it done yet? Is it taking TOO long? Should I wait longer?"

I had to restart the machine when a thunderstorm caused a brief power outage. So, I had to wait another 24 hours or so before abandoning all hope. My wife needed the machine, so I quit the utility.

School starts today in my wife's district, which means there's plenty of anxiety for everyone. Here's how/why:

Kids are thinking, "I have to be here ALL DAY!?!? When's play time? This is too much like work!"

Parents are thinking, "I have to give up my children to the school? What if they learn bad habits from the other kids?"

Teachers are thinking, "What if one of the kids gets hurt? In my room? While I'm in charge?" And, "What if scores don't improve? Will my school look bad?"

I'm hoping today goes well for all involved.

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