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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Exploding Beer Bottles

I took up home beer brewing as a hobby about four years ago. You pretty much have to make five gallons at a time, and, well, some batches turn out better than others. I can't bring myself to toss out the less-than-ideal ones, so I warehoused them in my garage.

That was fine for a while--until the temperature got up in the high 90s this July. That caused several bottles to explode.

Apparently this was a common occurence during Prohibition when guys would mix up their own hootch in the basement, bottle it too soon (before fermentation had stopped) and have to deal with a sticky, yeasty mess.

Dang, I'm afraid to even move any boxes around in the garage until the fall when it gets significantly cooler.

(My later batches I put in an old stainless steel soda keg. Much safer because there's a pressure relief valve that activates before anything bad happens.)

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