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Thursday, August 08, 2002

Crayons and Swearing

Ric says I need to post more, so here goes.

My wife teaches kindergarten, and she's been frantically setting up her room for when school starts in two weeks. It's not that she's been putting things off...the school uses her entire floor for a summer program that just recently wrapped up.

The missus is generally a fairly cheery person, until stress enters the pictures. You wouldn't think kindergarten involves stress, what with the crayons, Playdoh and such, but, hey, I guess she's just trying to do a good job.

She expressed her frustration to her mother on the phone this evening. My wife's end of the conversation sounded like this:

"No, goddammit, they haven't waxed the floors yet."
(Her mother talks.)
"It's fucking pissing me off."
(Her mother talks.)
"If you want to come up next week, you're going to have to help me set up the classroom."
(Her mother talks.)
"I don't fucking care if you don't want to. If you're here then, you have to help."

Yes, my wife kisses her mother with that mouth. It's like "The Osbournes" when those two get going.

Sometimes I start doing it, too, just to be a smartass. "Have you seen my fucking Bible? I was going to put it on the shelf next to the picture of my goddam family and my dried cat shit collection."

This generally makes my wife lighten up.

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