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Wednesday, May 29, 2002

The Solo Man Show

Whoa. Has it really been that long since I've posted anything? I guess things have been quiet at Chapped Ass World Headquarters.

My wife is out of town this week on a mother/daughter vacation to South Carolina, meaning it's just the two of them in a car for eight hours each way.

My wife gets along fairly well with her parents, but hey, let's realize that much time together could strain a family relationship. My mother-in-law tends to start peppering my wife with questions like, "So, when are you having children? Why don't you fix your hair? You're not ordering soda are you? It's bad for you..."

I got a call a couple of days ago in which my wife asked furtively, "Why did I agree to this?" I encouraged her to have fun and to resist her mother's attempts at brainwashing.

My wife's aunt asked if I'd be "baching" it this week. I had to think about the word "baching" to figure it out. "Oh, as in 'bachelor,'" I thought. This conjured images of a guy in his underwear standing in the kitchen, sipping beer and reading from the frozen food package, "Peel back foil to expose tater tots."

Yesterday evening I vacuumed, mopped the kitchen floor, cooked dinner and did a little sewing (had to mend a ripped seam on a jacket lining). I guess I'm not much of a bachelor.

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