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Friday, April 26, 2002

I Heard a Moo. Was It You?

Yesterday I was doing something on the computer when I heard what sounded like a cow off in the distance.

I tried to ignore it, but the mooing just kept going on. MooooOOOOO! MooooOOOO! MooooOOOO!

Then it occurred to me: there are no farms within miles of this place, so why would I hear a cow?

I went to the kitchen to investigate, seeing as that's where the mooing was loudest. It seems that one of our cats, huffing the fresh air from the window, had kicked over our mooing cow cookie jar. (When you open the jar, which is shaped like a cow, it moos.)

The cow was on its side, with its head propped open.

There was some minor damage, because the cow in turn knocked over my wife's orchid. It's back in its pot now.

The cat is back to pawing the curtains and bending the blinds.
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