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Thursday, March 28, 2002

Spanking the Bank

My wife and I are in the process of refinancing our mortgage to take advantage of lower rates. It's been hell, unlike the first time around when we bought the house, which was a breeze.

Mortgage companies are overworked right now, because so many people have the same idea we do. Plus, our bank has moved its mortgage operation to a central location in another town, meaning you have to deal with the staff by voicemail and hope they call back promptly. Usually they don't.

At last count, the bank said we were fully approved to get the lower-rate mortgage and proceed with the closing, but they goofed on scheduling the title agency. I'd specified the same one we used the first time around (because they gave us a discount), but the bank lost the proper contact information. We're now bumping up against a deadline, after which the mortgage offer expires. It's as if they're trying to frustrate us by being unresponsive so we won't refinance, and they'll keep us at the old, higher rate.

What gets me is how much this bank touts its customer service. It's marketing bullshit.

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