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Thursday, March 07, 2002

Did You Go to School Here?

This is my elementary school, which they closed a year or two after this picture. (That's me. The exaggerated frown is for dramatic effect.) Check out the bars on the windows.

Does this look like a riot-torn section of Belfast, or what? Prison yard from a Dickens novel? (Yes, the streets there are brick. They pour asphalt over them, but the asphalt tears up after a few years...and the brick lasts forever.)

Our playground was a slab of asphalt surrounded by a chain-link fence. There was a stripe down the asphalt; the girls stayed on one side and the boys on another. School's rules, not the kids'. If you crossed the line, you got spanked.

I didn't like elementary school very much.

Kentucky has a kinder, gentler school system now. They can't spank you anymore. (My wife teaches school, and student behavior is modified through complicated "rewards" systems.)

You got any school trauma stories to share?
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