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Friday, February 08, 2002

Weirdass Dreams

I had some unusual dreams last night. Usually I forget my dreams about two minutes after waking up, but not this morning.

I dreamed I was in charge of taking a group of kids trick-or-treating. We were all gathered in my house, and I told them to wait by the door while I looked for a flashlight.

I had to dig around in several drawers, but finally found a flashlight. Then I saw my group of kids wandering down the street. I caught up with them and gave a lecture about the importance of having a flashlight while you walk around in the dark--to avoid getting hit by cars. Then I told them about staying with the group--lead by me--and avoiding weirdo adults.

They didn't pay much attention to me, so I said we all had to go back. No more trick-or-treating because they were being unsafe.

I guess I'm some kind of holiday Nazi in that dream.

That dream morphed into a different one. It was fall in Kentucky, and I was swinging from trees in the wilderness. Kind of like Tarzan.

Then out in the woods, I found my missing sleeping bag, which had been stolen by rednecks. (My sleeping bag really is missing. I think it's under some crap in the garage, but I'm not sure.)

Then I woke up.
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