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Sunday, February 17, 2002

I Don't Wash My Hands 30 Times a Day
Nor do I keep turning a light switch on and off until it "sounds right."

My wife and I aren't the tidiest people around. Our house has lots of pile of papers, letters, etc., that might be important, so we don't throw them out. Until the piles get really big.

My wife's parents harrass us about this, but then my wife reminds them they have paid help to keep their place clean.

Anyway, I got on a kick a couple of weeks ago where I'm really clean. I'm a wet rag bandit in the kitchen and I use the vacuum cleaner a lot. We have one in the kitchen (rechargeable battery), one upstairs and one downstairs. I give them all a workout.

Now my wife is complaining that I'm too neat. She suggests (jokingly) that I have obsessive compulsive disorder. I don't. I just like a clean carpet, okay?
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