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Sunday, January 20, 2002

Scooby Doo-Doo

I had a frustrating day that culiminated in stepping in dog shit at the local Pet Smart store.

Here's the low-down. I've had a bad run of breaking things lately. Well, I'm not necessarily at fault; it's just that things break when I'm around them--even if I don't actually touch them--as if it's some kind of curse. Do you have a Jeff voodoo doll?

(I just noticed that "voodoo" has the word "doo" in it, and I stepped in dog doo today. Okay, it's late...)

The latest thing to break in my presence is our dishwasher, which gushed water a couple of times on the floor. I fixed that. (Floating water level sensor doohickey gummed up from the hard water we get in these parts.) Then it developed a slow leak, which I determined was the fault of a hardened door gasket.

This entailed a trip to the local home improvement place. Turns out a replacement gasket costs one-third the cost of the washer when it was new. Screw that. I bought a $3 bag of weatherstripping and used that. So far, so good. But if this crap with the dishwasher keeps up--and my cheap repairs--that machine's going to look like something The Professor would rig up on Gilligan's Island.

While we were out getting the parts to fix the dishwawhert, we went to Pet Smart, which allows you to bring your pet in the store. You mostly see dogs, because cats don't get into the traveling/shopping experience. They'd rather stay home, eat bugs, sleep and puke up hairballs. And I AM a cat person. I have three cats, which is why we were at the place.

Anyway, as I was toting our cat supplies to the the checkout, I slid on something. It was REAL SLIPPERY and REAL SQUISHY. Like axel grease, only it wasn't. It was a big, loosely formed dog turd, and, had I been any less alert, I could have fallen right into it.

I handed my wife the goods and dashed out to wipe off my shoes on the store's entry carpet. That didn't get all the squishy bits off, so I had to shuffle around in the snow outside the building to do a better job.

Somewhere in there was also a discussion involving my inlaws--a topic that sometimes increases my blood pressure and/or has me reaching for aspirin.

I was in a foul mood when we got home, and my wife kept asking me, "What's wrong?" I can laugh about it all now.
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