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Monday, January 07, 2002

More Stuff That Smells

1. The Crap Trap
My wife and I visited my parents this weekend--they live in Lexington, about an hour and a half south of Cincinnati. They let us have some curtains they didn't need any more after they remodelled, so I went down to their basement to get them.

Dad pointed out his newest "installation": a sewer line cleanout trap. Seems he keeps having problems with his low-flow toilet upstairs. It eventually backed up and flooded the bathroom. The backup was in the sewer line far from the toilet, so the plumber had to install a special little port-hole door in the basement pipe for cleanout purposes.

I don't think we have one of those little doors in our sewer line. So, better for us to have many, smaller flushes than one big one.

Why am I writing about this?

2. A Surprise at the Bottom of Every Bowl
My dad owns a rental house, which is a way of saving for retirement. He plans to sell the place when he quits working and pocket the money.

That is, if his renters pay.

The last guy he had was four months behind on his rent and eventually just packed up and left. Left the place a mess, including leaving a toilet bowl full of unflushed Number Two material. Dad asked me to take pictures to document the situation. I've never photographed turds before, but thankefully it was about 50 degress in there because the house was uninhabited. That kept the turds refrigerated and largely stink-free.

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